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The Patron Saint of Superheroes

Chris Gavaler Explores the Multiverse of Comics, Pop Culture, and Politics

We have survived another two weeks of President Trump’s multi-media reality show. Because the star continues to approach his job with the research, responsibility, and nuance of a Golden Age comic book writer, I’m continuing to respond in the form of one-panel political comics, AKA Facebook memes.

While that means more 1984 and Fascism references, this past week Trump’s Congressional yesman Bob Goodlatte has claimed more of my satirical spotlight. Despite Congress being on recess for “district work,” Bob somehow found himself on the other side of the globe. (This was confusing until I found a World Geography quiz in his elementary school file.)

Bob did however “phone it in” for a fake town hall before going AWOL. In addition to my ostrich and Where’s Waldo? spoofs, I also made Bob a wild west Wanted poster. The first version included the generic phrase “Dead or Alive,” which some especially conscientious folks on Facebook objected to, so I removed it from the second version.

Moving further down to the most influential local issue, I also designed an anti-gerrymandering bumper sticker (“crooked,” get it?), which appears on my Facebook banner as well as my actual car bumper out here in the non-virtual world. (If you want one for your own non-virtual car, let me know.)

Finally, I make a cameo in the last meme. That’s me standing next to Bob’s cardboard cutout at the town hall held in Roanoke last week. It was an overflow crowd, even though everyone knew Bob wasn’t going to be there. That might help to explain why Senator Kaine is reporting a 900% increase in calls and letters since the election.

























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