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I’ve been hesitant to call myself a “comics artist,” but looking over my online publications of the last year, I think I may have hit critical mass, especially over this summer. Most immediately, my “Obscured Panels” just went live yesterday at Sequentials. These are the thumbnails:

But my favorite is a collaboration with my life-long collaborator, Lesley Wheeler. Our poetry comic “Made for Each Other” appeared at Split Lip last month. I made the images, Lesley wrote the words, which I converted letter-by-letter into my homemade font. Yes, those are the same robots in “Obscured Panels,” but we made “Made for Each Other” first. Here’s page one:

the right of the people peaceably to assemble” appeared at Empty Mirror earlier this summer too. (Sorry, no robots though.)

And “Thought Bubbles” at Redivider:

I also made the cover of Two Cities Review (plus a five-image sequence “Don’t” inside the issue):

Last winter was good to me too. “Expected Outcomes” premiered at Ilanot Review in January. I kept intending to promote it on this blog and then kept not (probably because it’s about my dead mother). The text is from the nursing staff of her assisted living facility as she entered the last stages of Alzheimer’s. The background image is a painting (I think by one of her cousins) of her college graduation photo:

Muybridge Comics” appeared at Aquifier last December:

Also, two more of my Muybridge adaptations, “Nude Woman Washing Face,” appeared at Sonder Review (which, frankly, I’m less thrilled about because the images aren’t gender-balanced; the batch I submitted included male nudes).

A year ago this month, “Queer Arrangements” appeared at Sequentials:

And a year before that, “This Is Not Marilyn“:

Somewhere in there “1917” appeared at Hair Trigger 2.0 (which features the Modigliani paintings that the robots cut up and recombine in the first comic):

I also have three visual poems forthcoming from Chronically Lit. I think that brings the total to twelve.  Can I officially declare that the unofficial threshold for comics-authorness?







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