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The Patron Saint of Superheroes

Chris Gavaler Explores the Multiverse of Comics, Pop Culture, and Politics

I’ve been spending way too much quality time with my laptop since the world as we knew it ended. It’s not the healthiest relationship I’ve ever been in, but it beats the dystopia of swerving around fellow masked shoppers in the aisles of my local Kroger. Lately I’ve been tinkering a lot with Zoom portraits, though they aren’t really portraits since the images barely resemble the screenshots when I’m done MS Painting them. I’ve also had an improbable number of comics and other visual art published online since the pandemic started.

From Big Other, “My Mother’s Ashes” is a sequential requiem for Judy Gavaler, who died two winters ago and so missed the horrors of CV-19 wiping out nursing homes like the one she was living in. She’d smoked since she was a teenager and then stopped a year before she died, literally the only benefit of having Alzheimer’s. This first image is a continent of her cigarettes:



From Dream Noir, “Galleries” started as snapshots taken in European art galleries while on vacation with my family. My son and daughter are in there, along with complete strangers. The framed artwork includes a lot of Schiele and Klimt, who I somehow both love and despise:


From Lumina, “Strips” continues the despise half of that art theme, distorting famous nude paintings and merging them with strip club signage:



From Abstract Magazine, “Lady Frankenstein (1971), No. 1-9” adapts a B-movie Italian film. I combined the images into a single page to include in one of my forthcoming books, The Comics Form, to illustrate how images are not necessarily viewed sequentially even when arranged in panels:



From Scoundrel Time, “American Descent” is a little older, published last October and created during the first three years of Trump’s presidency. The descent is the U.S.’s and also literally Trump’s as he descends here from that accursed Hollywood Access bus:



And my very latest publication from FishFood, these are a mishmash of one- and multi-panel images:


So clearly my laptop and I having been spending a lot of time together during my sabbatical, which then became a world sabbatical as we all hunker in lockdown.

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