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I now have statistical evidence to support the claim: “Third time’s the charm.”

The Spring 2021 iteration of Leigh Ann Beavers and my Creating Comics course has produced the strongest batch of student comics yet–and that was already an impressively high bar. I would like to take a little of the credit, but it really comes down to the talent in the room. Look for yourself. Our library featured a row of poster-sized pages for the Spring term festival:

And here’s a closer look at some individual pages:

Arden Floyd:

Audrey Dietz:

Everett Heebe:

Gabriela Gomez-Misserian:

Grace Williams:

Jessy Xu:

Katie Cones:

Lauren Newton:

Maddie Brazil:

Mitchell Roberts:

Naila Rahman:

Nayongi Borthwick:

It was also the first time Leigh Ann and I used our own textbook–which was odd for me, but apparently pretty effective. Of course now we want to scramble the whole syllabus and reinvent a new comics wheel, mainly just for the fun of it. I can’t wait to see what our Spring 2023 students create.

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